About Me
Josh Overbeek is a senior Computer Science undergraduate student with a minor in Mathematical Sciences at Michigan Technological University. After graduation, Josh will be moving to Madison, WI to pursue a career in Software Development at Epic. His experience in software development across professional experiences, classwork, and personal projects set him up to solve problems. Josh enjoys video and tabletop games, reading science fiction and fantasy, college hockey, and all things winter.
Josh works at the College of Computing Learning Center where he helps students with classwork and conceptual difficulties. He was an undergraduate teaching assistant for Data Structures. In previous summers, Josh worked as an Engineering Intern with Lakeside Software where he developed internal tools and worked on documentation and refactoring projects. Josh generally prefers desktop application development, but between classes, projects, and work experience, he has worked with everything from data collection agents to inventory management systems. His current ongoing projects (including this website!) are written in Svelte, which is letting him branch out into more web development and UI work. He is always looking to learn more new things, and has a list of languages and frameworks he wants to explore.